Hi! My name is Brigitte. I am so thankful you have stopped by my store. I am a mom of 5 amazing kiddos and 2 fur babies. I decided to quit teaching and redirect my focus on my family and myself. The idea of my store is from the inspiration of my 2 youngest children, Charlotte and James (aka Jett). I wanted a life and career where I could integrate my family and have fun doing it.

Having five children of my own has been a delightful experience, full of laughs and hugs. But it can also be a lot of work. With the kids always growing out of their clothes, I found myself constantly at the stores buying new outfits for them. I often wished there was an easier way to clothe my children and keep them in style without having to break the bank while doing it.

That is why I decided to start my own online children’s boutique. I wanted to provide parents with an easier way to shop for their children without having to leave the house. My boutique will provide a selection of stylish, comfortable and affordable clothing that is both fashionable and practical.

I am excited to offer unique items not found on the shelves of traditional retailers. I make sure to carefully select items based on quality and value. In addition, I provide helpful advice and suggestions to help parents decide which pieces best suit their children’s needs.

I have also taken the extra step to ensure that customer satisfaction is top-notch. My goal is to provide each customer with a positive shopping experience. This means quick and reliable shipping, easy returns, and helpful customer service.

I am passionate about helping parents take the hassle out of shopping for their children. My online boutique makes it easy to find the clothes they need and enjoy the process. I love seeing my customers happy with the items I have chosen for them and know that I am helping make their lives a little easier. Whether you are a mom of one or a mom of ten, I want to make your life smoother and more enjoyable.


Our brand is stylish, comfortable, and affordable. You can buy with confidence knowing your child will feel comfortable and ready for any occasion.